Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 1.29a

The main new features of this version are:
A new in-depth review of the use of the program by Eric.
Stockfish 14.1.


  • Move analysis window, the pgn is now clickable.
  • Analysis, added a summary of the move assessment in the report.
  • Added support to Docker by Philipp Hagemeister.
  • Opening lines, the arrows keys in the table not work properly.
  • Move analysis window, the toolbar is sometimes hidden.
  • Trainig mates, The mouse shortcut does not work from the second move.
  • Eboards drivers, also added code to support to set starting position, by Graham O'Neill.
  • Language Portuguese BR by Lau
  • Language German by Johannes Bolzano
  • Language French by Eric and Lolo
  • Language Greek by Nick Delta
  • Language Russian by Reinhard
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