Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 1.19

  • Version installable: download (136Mb)
  • Version portable: download (134Mb)
  • Version installable FOR WINE: download (135Mb)
  • Source: (191.75Mb)
  • From version R 1.00 or later, Information/Search for updates

  • Endings with Gaviota tablebases, added a takeback button in help mode.
  • Saving as PGN, with encoding "Same as file"
  • Show a game replay in some circumstances.
  • Train, Tactics, Learn tactics by repetition, when the number of positions used is reached.
  • Language German by Johannes Bolzano.
  • Language Russian by Johannes Bolzano.
Previous releases

Contact: lukasmonk at gmail