Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 2.12

In-depth beta testing by Eric. Upgrade Stockfish to version 16.1


  • Stockfish, including 10 64-bit and 3 32-bit builds, each compatible with specific cpus. An automatic process is launched to select the fastest version compatible with the computer. From the Engines Configurations/Others, you can go through the process again.
  • Opening lines, shifted the board to the right, to improve the visualization.
  • In the movement table, the up arrow moves the cursor to the previous row and the down arrow to the next row.
  • Swiss tournaments. Changed and simplified the internal procedure for calculating pairings.
  • Swiss tournaments, added option to set the number of rounds.
  • Map training, added Pending option with less than 10 elements remaining.
  • Language French by Eric.
  • Language Greek by Nick Delta.
  • Language Hungarian by József Oláh.
  • Language Spanish by Lucas Monge.
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