Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 1.24

The main new features of this version are:
An in-depth review of the use of the program by Eric.
LINUX: sorry but it is not possible to update from within the programme itself, this is a bug that is fixed in this version.
One option is to download the patch: and unzip it in the program folder, replacing all the files. It is not sure it will work.


  • Regular2 is a new set of pieces created by Tamer64, based on Regular.
  • Color theme created by Tamer64, Pure green.
  • Style of windows, added the option in Options/Configuration/general.
  • Import from Version 11, included Transsiberian data.
  • Train/Basics/Find all moves, to work with a new level is needed that the previous levels are free of errors.
  • Playing against any engine, playing as black and with time extra, the label of black player is this time extra.
  • Databases of positions, exporting to PGN when positions have no moves.
  • Databases, PGN import with games without separation line.
  • Playing, non distract mode (ALT N), shows move information.
  • Import databases from version 11, when they contains non ascii characters.
  • Add a variation playing against an engine.
  • Train/Tactics/Find best move, old trainings do not work.
  • Transsiberian, return to the initial level when the level is higher than 1.
  • Playing against any engine, time sent to eboards.
  • Analysis with fixed depth, removed limit of time.
  • Train/Openings/Training with a book, when the books are different, the correct book is not selected.
  • LINUX-The update option from the Information menu is missing.
  • Train/Basics/Find all moves, added information about time/move.
  • Language French by Eric and Lolo
  • Language German by Tobias
  • Language Polish by Darek
  • Language Dutch by Willy Lefebvre
  • Language Portuguese (BR) by Laudecir Daniel
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