Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 2.06b

Maintenance update.


  • Playing, pending time is saved and this is displayed next to the time used.
  • 2.06a Databases, option to remove duplicates.
  • Aesthetic change, labels in the tutor window.
  • 2.06b Competition with tutor, maia engines are included again.
  • Chess Leagues, distribution of matches similar to football leagues, with a second round where it is played against the same opponent by changing the side.
  • Competition with tutor, replaying a made level adds score to the next level.
  • 2.06b Engine tournaments, the white side always has a minute less.
  • 2.06b Alt-Enter key to analyse from the pgn table does not work.
  • 2.06b Games database, editing a game, Director, text panel does not work.
  • 2.06b Games database, Config/Database Options does not save the modified options.
  • Utilities/Playing current position, eboards is not working.
  • Polyglot books, bad weights importing PGN. (fixed by Dumuzy)
  • 2.06a Leagues and Tournaments with adjudication engine, when workers are launched.
  • Playing against a game, add Configuration option to define the number of times the tutor appears can be configured and the previous comments are maintained.
  • Expeditions to Everest, add Configuration option to define the number of times the tutor appears.
  • Eboards, Graham O'Neill has created a new driver (Windows and Linux) for the Tabutronic Sentio board. He has also improved the connection on BLE controllers (Chessnut, DGT Pegasus, Millennium, Square Off Pro).
  • Language German by Johannes Bolzano.
  • Language French by Eric.
  • Language Euskara by Ilurdi.
  • Language Finnish by Heikki J..
  • Spanish
  • 2.06a Language Chinese by Zoushen
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