Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 1.05


  • Tournaments between engines, crash when changing initial fen position.
  • Erroneous reading/writing some pgn files.
  • Tactics by Uwe Auerswald, Interference difficulty 5 removed, as it has no puzzles.

Version R 1.04a


  • Opening lines/Databases, right button on pgn, when figurines activated, pgn copied is wrong.
  • Tables, standard keys are not working.
  • Saving PGNs, CR duplication.
  • Opening lines, problem creating a new opening (from version 1.04).

Version R 1.03


  • Playing against a position, crash when configured with visual effects.
  • Massive analysis, doesn´t work filtering by players.
  • Engines, STS, Configuration/Formula change.
  • Best move training, several bugs.
  • Playing against engines, losing by time assigns victory to the reverse.
  • Tourney-Elo, several bugs.

Version R 1.02


  • Mass analysis, hangs when including search of blunders.
  • Your daily test, hangs after moving.
  • Changing the color theme of the board, disables the pieces.

Version R 1.01


  • Edit shortcuts from the options menu.
  • Ben Citak antique color themes emulation revised.
  • Installation "just me" is the recommended.
  • Endings with Gaviota Tablebases, more information about the cause of termination when an attempt failed.
  • When reading a PGN/database, consulting a game, the Next button does not work.
  • In the color configuration themes, when modifying the changes are not saved.
  • Some crashes launching the program when reading the games to present the initial positions.
  • Custom sounds, listening.
  • Endings with Gaviota Tablebases, wrong difference message when improving the result.
  • Kibitzer in one line, depth and score information not included.
  • STS, exporting to csv.
  • Changing user data folder, when starting again.
  • Language Portuguese (BR) by Lau.
  • Language Polish by Darek.
  • Language Català by Google (there is no official translator).

Version R 1.00

It does not work in Windows XP.
The data files are not compatible with Lucas Chess version 11 and earlier.


Version 11.17

Latest version of Lucas Chess compatible with Windows XP.
User data is not exported to the next versions.


Author: Lucas Monge Contact: lukasmonk at gmail