Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 2.15a

In-depth beta testing by Eric. Graham has added a new driver for HOS Sensory board. New set of pieces and themes by Luis.


  • Help to ask to an AI about a game. Utilities/Analysis/....
  • Playing against any engine, "Advice" button to help move, the first time shows the piece to move and the second time an arrow with the movement. It is based on the tutor's calculation at that precise moment, which may change at a later point in time if tutor is thinking all the time.
  • New set of pieces Caballo-R-M by Luis (License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). Chess pieces dedicated to LucasChessR by Luis.
  • New color board themes by Luis (License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).
  • Eboards, by Graham O'Neill, added HOS Sensory board driver.
  • Selecting openings, some openings are missing from the list for direct selection.
  • Databases, game editing, incorrect board position.
  • Opening lines, when using figures and with a language other than English, they are not displayed correctly, and an error occurs when removing branches with piece movements.
  • Selecting colors, the background used sometimes makes the dialogue window unreadable.
  • Sounds, beep is not played when not all custom sounds have been configurated.
  • Analysis bar, does not analyse variations.
  • Opening lines, training with engines.
  • 2.15a, Configuration engines, changes are not saved when switching tabs.
  • Playing against any engine, initial moves tab, added to Variants, Chess 2880.
  • Playing against any engine, it is now possible to indicate time and depth or time and nodes, the time value is considered in this case as a maximum that the engine will take to respond, for example, if the engine takes longer to reach the indicated depth the engine is instructed to stop thinking (the final time is a little longer than indicated).
  • Analysis bar, with less abrupt movements.
  • Analysis bar, added in Tournaments/Leagues/Swiss.
  • Databases, when browsing games, +,-,Pg Up,Pg Down can be used to go to the next/previous game.
  • Colors/Main board/Your themes, added Utilities to copy values from current config to rest, and Import/Export/Up/Down.
  • 2.15a, Game analysis results window, the automatic resets have been removed, a splitter has been added between the top and the graphical part, and buttons to enlarge or decrease the size of the graph have been added.
  • 2.15a, Analysis bar, with score.
Updated translations
  • Language Chinese_simplified by Zoushen.
  • Language French by Eric.
  • Language Greek by Nick Delta.
  • Language Hungarian by József Oláh.
  • Language Portuguese_BR by Laudecir Daniel, Adhoniran Gomes.
  • Language Spanish by Lucas Monge.
Previous releases

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