Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 2.10a

In-depth beta testing of the program by Eric. Analysis bar. Play human vs human.


  • Play human vs human.
  • Analysis Bar, which can be activated by playing against an engine or another human or by visualising a game, either directly or from Config, Show/Hide.
  • Databases with positions, added option Export to a position sheet in open document format.
  • 2.10a: Analysis of a game in some situations is not displayed.
  • 2.10a: Play like a GM, option "Show all" is not saved as default to the next time.
  • 2.10a: Director, the coordinate information is wrong, when using the right mouse button.
  • Komodo 64 bit basic, regression to 13.02. 14.1 64 bit does not work on some 64 bit pcs.
  • Kibitzers, a limit can be added to the depth that the engine analyses.
  • Language Greek by Nick Delta.
  • Language Fininsh by Heikki.
  • Language French by Eric and Lolo.
  • Language Chinese by Zoushen.
  • Chinese openings by Zoushen.
  • Language Spanish by Lucas.
  • Language Nederlands by Willy Lefebvre.
  • 2.10a: Human vs human mode, added autorotate board option
  • 2.10a: Enable analysis bar by default in Options/Configuration/Appearance 2.
  • 2.10a: Save as PGN, added language tab when it is different from English. And the clipboard refers to the active tab.
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