Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 2.13

In-depth beta testing by Eric.


  • Game analysis, new option to add tags to the game about accuracy.
  • Databases, simple position search (Filter-By position), laying the groundwork for a more complex search in the future.
  • Tutor, in the tutor window, a button (an eye icon) has been added that shows the tutor analysis in a standard way.
  • Databases, create trainings, now through the Export option.
  • Databases, Tags, moved from Config to Utilities as Update tags.
  • Training positions, when it is a pre-solution training, comments are not shown at the end.
  • Train/Games/Captures and threats, some labels about position number and depth are wrong.
  • Train/Games/Counts moves, some labels about position number and depth are wrong.
  • Showing variants in the main window, when they have many movements and the allocated width is small, leaves a lot of space above.
  • Comments and variants window, does not maintain width.
  • Endings with Gaviota, fixed board resizing.
  • Databases, editing a game, changing the result tag is not done correctly.
  • Playing against any engine, using external engines, the correct uci options are not always used.
  • Training openings with a book, the game generated could show an erroneous opening or ECO.
  • Eboards, by Graham O'Neill. Added Chessnut EVO driver. For most of the boards added an option on the Config screen to "Show possible moves". This will highlight the squares a piece can move to when it's lifted up. For some boards (Novag/Saitek/Square Off) it wasn't possible and for the DGT Pegasus it didn't work well as only one LED can light at a time. Added BLE support to the Certabo and Tabutronic boards.
Updated translations
  • Language French by Eric.
  • Language Greek by Nick Delta.
  • Language Hungarian by Jzsef Olh.
  • Language Chinese_simplified by Zoushen.
  • Language Spanish by Lucas Monge.
Previous releases

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