Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 2.03a

Very important in-depth beta testing of the program by Eric, a lot of bugs fixed.


  • Book Strategie, other wonderful set of pieces created by Ben Citak.
  • Book Strategie B, for non-ADDEDspaper style board backgrounds by Ben Citak.
  • Book Strategie theme created by Ben Citak to emulate the old style used in the French chess magazine La Strategie in 1938 (also L'Echiquier).
  • Opening Lines, shows comments when training.
  • Databases, numerical sorting: press Ctrl (Alt or Shift) while double clicking on the header.
  • CTRL SHIFT C (ALT SHIFT C) to copy PGN to the clipboard
  • On the position analysis screen, alternative moves can be analyzed by moving pieces directly on the board.
  • Analysis of a game, option to include analysis of the variations.
  • On any board, ALT-X to play the current position, it is a little different from the utilities menu, only the position is used, but it can be used with any board and with any position on the board.
  • Shift Right mouse on pgn table to show the tree of moves.
  • Select files, option to change from a custom to native in the Configuration window.
  • Eboards can be used in Gaviota endgames training.
  • Eboards can be used in Learn a game training.
  • 2.03a: Chess leagues, double click in classification to show games played for the current opponent.
  • 2.03a: Analysis of a game show analysis if this information is in the game.
  • Added ALT C to copy FEN to clipboard instead of CTRL C in Options/Settings (to fix problem with some screen readers using CTRL C).
  • Director/Graphics elements, left button used to remove all and Del/Backspace to remove the last one, only right button is used to create graphics.
  • 2.03a: Playing against engines, the proposal for resignation and draw by the engine is requested only once.
  • Create your own game/Utilities/Enable engine
  • Promotion with check not render correctly in pgn table.
  • Playing against any engine, personalities dont be saved.
  • 2.03a: Chess leagues, the number of matchdays has doubled.
  • 2.03a: Chess leagues, match human vs engine, adjourn have been take into account when select the same match again from league window.
  • 2.03a: Options/Colors/Main board, transparency fields are not working properly.
  • 2.03a: Play against any engine, record time when pause.
  • 2.03a: Databases, Opening explorer, Analysis when analyzer is default engine.
  • Eboards drivers by Graham O'Neill (version 3 to LC)
  • Chess leagues, the number of opponents is free, with a minimum equal to twice the number of those configured to move from one division to another at the end of the season.
  • Language Euskara, all openings are translated, by Ilurdi.
  • Language Euskara by Ilurdi.
  • Language French, updated openings translations, by Eric.
  • Language French by Eric and Lolo
  • Language Chinese by Zoushen
  • Language Polish by Darek
  • Language German by Johannes Bolzano.
  • Language Greek by Nick Delta.
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