Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 2.05d

In-depth beta testing of the program by Eric, a lot of bugs fixed.
New eboards drivers suplied by Graham O'Neill.


  • CburnetDark, set of pieces to use with the Dark style, It is the Cburnet set, in which the white color has been changed to gray.
  • Dark mode, in Options/Configuration.
  • Databases/Config/tags, fill a column with the PGN moves.
  • Play against any engine, engines without MultiPV option, enabled in Advanced/Set strenght, Move selected by player.
  • Leagues, added crosstabs.
  • Replay game as direct tool in windows showing games.
  • Play against any engine, Play as long you make no mistakes, the idea is to play against an engine until it is beaten or tied, always making the right moves. When a bad move is made, the game is repeated, giving the player the option to analyze his mistake, and after clicking on repeat you can play the same game making the same moves, since the engine repeats them in the same positions.
  • Play against any engine, Initial moves, Opening Lines, which are mandatoy only to user.
  • Database of games, filter by opening, Ruy Lopez doesnt show games.
  • FEN, Save to a file does not work,
  • FEN, Copy to clipboard does not show message.
  • Installing an external engine via command line, when it is a java engine.
  • Leagues, saved journey and division in the games played.
  • Training tactics by repetition, removing current with reinforcements, new created reinforcement doesnt work properly.
  • Director, to move, create or delete a piece, doesnt work. It works with Ctrl-F10 active and shift-alt mouse in case of create or delete.
  • Your daily test, change the file with personal positions do not work.
  • The font selected in Options/Configuration is not used with the general toolbar and menus.
  • Analysis graph, black pieces when show figurines is active.
  • 2.05d: Endings with Gaviota, new position if draw is rejected.
  • 2.05d: Resistence test, some engines do not use configured seconds, and move instantaneously (Special Maia group not fixed).
  • 2.05d: Linux: Rodent II personalities, problem with upper and lower case letters.
  • 2.05d: Opening lines, Remove worst lines, does its job in reverse.
  • All colors edition(Options/Colors/General), all colors used by the program are editable, it is not very user friendly. To improve in future.
  • Linux: allow pgn parameters to Linux launcher file, enabling "Open With" (by Lingepumpe in Github)
  • Set of pieces, Book Classic, Book Classic B, Book Diagram, Book Diagram B, Book Strategie, Book Strategie B, some minor updates to various pieces by the author, Ben Citak.
  • Language Portuguese-BR by Lau
  • Language French by Eric
  • Language Chinese by Zoushen
  • Language Euskara by Ilurdi.
  • Language Greek by Nick Delta.
  • Language Polish by Darek.
  • Spanish
  • Eboards drivers by Graham O'Neill (version 6 to Windows, version 3 to Linux). New driver for Saitek OSA boards (Windows and Linux). New driver for Chessnut board (Linux, USB only).
  • Windows new FoxCub, Version 1.0, Weak engine based in Pawel's MiniRodent, only a little change to weakened,
  • Windows new Fox, Version 1.0, Weak engine based in Pawel's MiniRodent, only a little change to weakened,
  • Updated Stockfish, Version 15.1 32bits+64bits+64bmi2, T. Romstad, M. Costalba, J. Kiiski, G. Linscott,
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