Lucas Chess

An easy way to play and train chess on your PC

Version R 2.01c2


  • Consulting a book, submoves notation is missing using + button of the toolbar.
  • Best move training, changed the lost pawns label.
  • Readjustments to the external position scanner.
  • Databases, editing a game, sizes in the information area.
  • Custom sounds-Linux, selecting a wav file does not work.
  • Shortcuts, editing a label does not work.
  • External engines must exist in order to add them to the list of engines.
  • The internal translation system now allows translation of openings as well.
  • Scanner, simplified its use in relation to selection of the board to be scanned, if selected with the left button the white pieces are down, with the right button the black pieces are down.
  • Calculation of elo from the analysis.
  • Eboards drivers by Graham O'Neill. New driver to Square Off. Some small improvements to the BLE connection process so the Pegasus and Millennium drivers.
  • 2.1a: Chinese updated, all openings are translated, by Zoushen.
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